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Fly Fishing Guides for Trips in North Carolina and Tennessee

Welcome to High Country Angler Fly Fishing Guide Service for East Tennessee and Western North Carolina that provides trips in the southeastern United States.  Here in the Blue Ridge, Appalachian, and Brown TroutSmoky Mountains of North Carolina and East Tennessee are some of the best trout streams you will ever fly fish.  High Country Angler Fly Fishing Guide Service is a professional fly fishing guide service that also offers a fly fishing school, lessons and classes for the North Carolina and East Tennessee mountains.  If you are looking for a fly fishing vaction in North Carolina or a fly fishing vacation in Tennessee we can accommodate you.  Our guides fish on some of the best named trout waters in the south.  We provide fly fishing on the tailwaters of the South Holston River and the Watauga River in TN, the Holston River in TN and Delayed Harvest waters in Western North Carolina plus many more which fish great year round.  Our fly fishing float trips for trout and smallmouth bass are all taken in the comfort of a Hyde drift boat.  The float trips for trout fishing are done on the tailwaters of the Watauga River in Elizabethton, TN and the South Holston River outside of Bristol, TN.  The smallmouth fishing is done on the Holston River outside of Kingsport, TN.  Our wade fly fishing days can be done in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina or Tennessee.  You can pick between fly fishing easy access trout streams or native wild trout streams.  The secluded backwoods trip does require a hike to the native wild trout streams.  These rivers and streams are all close to where I live in Johnson City, TN.

Brown TroutSo whether you would like to go on a fly fishing guide trip to big tailwaters with lunker brown and rainbow trout or for some wild and native trout, we can make your day one to remember.  It doesn't matter where you are in the spectrum of fishing skills.  Our fly fishing guides tailor to the beginner or advanced fisherman.  Take one of our trips and let us give you a the fly fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Fly Fishing Report Fall/Winter 2016

1Fishing on the Watauga River and South Holston River this past Fall and Winter were great.  Now it is time to get ready for the productive Spring fishing.  We will start to see some nice hatches as the weather warms up.  The grannom caddis(black caddis) hatch is right

Fly Fishing Report Spring/Summer 2014

IMG 0125Well, I figured it was time for an update on fly fishing the Watauga River and fly fishing the South Holston River.  The Spring and Summer fishing has just been terrific.  Lots of fish caught and lots of nice fish boated as well.  Both of these rivers just have some

Guide Trips Summer-Fall 2013

1Hello and hope you are having a good day.  Figured it was time for a fishing report with some great shots of big brown's and rainbow's that we have been catching on our fly fishing guided trips.  Floating on the Watauga and South Holston

TN and NC Fly Fishing 2012/2013

Brown Trout WataugaFly fishing in Tennessee and North Carolina have been terrific.  Both states have their abundance of trout at this time.  Fly fishing delayed harvest in North Carolina is good and of course you can't beat the tailwaters of East Tennessee for the consistent year round

Fishing Report Spring 2012

img 0183Fishing has been great so far this spring. We are getting good hatches and lots of fish. We have landed some big fish in the tailwaters of the Watauga river this year. Caught some smallmouth on the Holston river too. Be sure to check out the latest pictures from a great Spring so far in 2012

Fly Fishing Report Spring/Summer 2015

1Hello and hope all is well in the fishing world.  We have had some fantastic days on the water this spring and summer and the bite continues.  The fly fishing on Watauga River and South Holston River in East Tennessee are western style rivers but they are here in East Tennessee.

Winter Fishing Report 2014

1Okay, time for a fishing report.  The Watauga and South Holston River of East Tennessee have fished great all Winter and now the warming of Spring is right around the corner.  Spring is a arguably the best time of year to fish, hatches can be

Fly Fishing Spring-Summer 2013

IMG 0522Hello and hope you have had a chance to wet a line this Spring or Summer.  We have had plenty of rain this year but have not been washed away here in East Tennessee and the fishing has been terrific.  Plenty of trout are being caught, size

Holston Watauga River Summer 2012

1Well, I have stayed busy all through the summer and we have caught a lot of trout.  The constant action topped with a nice sized trout every now and again makes for great days on the water.  The Watauga River has been my river of choice and I will move more towards

Fishing Report Fall 2011

1Hello and hope things are well. I want to thank everyone for all the great trips this year and look forward to fishing with you again in 2012. We have a had a terrific year of fishing with size and numbers. I am starting to taper off on fishing the Watauga and hitting the South Holston

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